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If you want to put a link to my page, please read this page. This section is one that I will be updating frequently. I have a few good codes on this page, and some REALLY good links.

NEWS: Sierra is hitting the game stands with some of the best computer entertainment ever produced by this huge company. Sierra has always been the pioneering company in graphics, sound, and roll-playing puzzlers. Now available is Phantasmagoria, Phantasmagoria 2: Puzzle of Flesh, The Beast Within, and Space Quest 6. Check it out for yourself! From what I've heard, they are now working on Phantasmagoria 3!!! COOL!!


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I have some links above for hundreds of meg. of shareware above. But, you can also get some playable demos from me. THESE ARE URLS!
Crystal Caves from Apogee!
Wolfenstein 1.0 from Apogee!
Duke Nukem from Apogee! If you need help with the editor or hints and cheats for Duke Nukem 1, go HERE!
Well, that's all for now! PLEASE look at the links above!
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