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Wolfenstein was the first 3D-game ever known. It was originally created by Id Software, and was distributed by Apogee. As a ground-breaking success, Operation Wolfenstein has sold tons of copies and enjoyed many years of popularity, and a place in software history. One really nice thing is it's size and speed. The registered version with all six missions (SIXTY LEVELS) is only Three Megabytes! It will run on any size computer. One of my computers only has 300 MEG and it runs just fine.
What!? You say you've never played it? DON"T WORRY! you can download it straight from me. This is a URL, so if this doesn't work, it's not my fault.


The Official Darkenstein Page is dedicated to Darkenstein, the game add-on to Wolfenstein 3D that I designed and created.
Good. Now that you have played Wolfenstein, discovered how totally excellent it is, you are asking yourself questions like, "How do I get out of this friggin' level?" or "I beat the game, so are there any cheat codes?" or "Why do you park in a driveway and drive on a parkway?". Well here are the codes!

Cheat Codes

To activate the cool cheat codes for version 1.0, the version linked to above, you need to type "wolf next" at your prompt. Then, once your in a game, press and hold down TAB, ENTER, CONTROL, and you should see a little box on the screen saying that the codes are enabled. After that you need to hold down TAB and any of these letters for the desired cheat. For version 1.4, you need to type "goobers" instead of next. No clipping won't work on 1.4.
G=God ModeI=Free ItemsS=Slow-Mode
E=Exit Level
B=BorderV=Xtra VBL'sN=No Clipping
I just bought the latest 1992 version. It is really cool, cheap($19.95) and worth every penny (if not more!).
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